Accurate, integrated hospital data at your fingertips.

We help you implement software solutions for your clinical and financial analytics needs

Manage all of your performance indicators in one, easy-to-use platform specifically designed for Ontario hospitals and LHINs.
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Find out how we can help you quickly find and correct data quality problems that lead to lost HBAM and QBP funding.
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Learn more about the many ways we've helped leading hospitals use data to improve their decision making capabilities.
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Why Choose 3terra?

We know that choosing the right technology partner is difficult.

Since 2007, 3terra has been trusted by healthcare organizations across Ontario to implement software solutions that solve complex business and data challenges.

What Do We Do?

We specialize in business intelligence and application development solutions using Microsoft technologies. We are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and keep current with emerging technologies to ensure that the best tools are used to fulfil your vision.

Business Intelligence

The amount of data collected by companies is growing exponentially and people need better tools to make sense of that data. We build data warehouses to integrate information from across your organization. We also develop visualization tools that allow your team to uncover trends and effectively analyze the data in order to make better business decisions.

Application Development

Web applications are evolving at a rapid pace and must now support mobile devices. We use HTML5, leading JavaScript frameworks, and modern design techniques to provide the best experience for your users. We also specialize in setting up Microsoft Azure environments for when you want to bring your application into the cloud.