Patient Encounter Analysis

We provide a suite of analytical tools that enable clinicians and administrators to analyze patient care activity simply and interactively.
In Q1, 2020 we will be announcing details of the next version of our patient encounter analytics platform for Canadian hospitals.

Patient View

See patient history in one concise view including ED, clinic, surgical, and inpatient visits.

Visit View

Review the end-to-end visit for a specific patient visit including lab tests, physicians, procedures, and costs.

Where is it used?

Capacity Planning

Quickly review patients in the hospital to identify potential discharges or transfers during high occupancy situations.

Emergency Department

Review new patients coming into the ED, identify frequent visitors, and help assess readmission risk.

Costing Analysis

Review all case costing data associated with a visit and ensure that they align with what actually occurred within the patient.

Quality Assurance

Reconcile patient and visit data from multiple systems to ensure data consistency throughout the organization.


Allow authorized researchers access to patients to help assist with their studies.

Process Review

Review the details of select groups of similar patients to help assess and improve hospitals processes.

Integrates with your existing tools

The patient summary page can be accessed from external applications.

For example, if you have custom reports and third party analytical tools, you can link to patient summaries directly from those tools.

Designed with security in mind

Access to patient and visit information is secured in several ways to ensure that only authorized clinicians and administrators can access them. We also handle advanced scenarios such as patient lock boxes that block all access to specific patients. Finally, we audit all requests for data and provide comprehensive reports of any access to patient information.