Performance Management

Ember Metrics helps simplify the management and reporting of your hospital quality indicators.

What does it do?

Monitoring and managing performance within healthcare organizations has become increasingly important due to recent performance based funding initiatives in Canada and the United States.

3terra offers an an advanced performance management module, Ember Metrics, to solve many of the challenges faced by hospitals today.

How is Data Managed?

Ember Metrics simplifies the management of hospital indicators used for accountability reporting and quality improvement initiatives. It efficiently centralizes all performance data in one easy-to-use software tool and can scale to include hundreds of measures at the corporate, program, and unit level.

When data is available to automatically populate performance indicators, Ember Metrics has the ability to retrieve that data from a wide variety of sources including relational databases, analytical cubes, Microsoft Excel, flat files, and ODBC compliant data sources.

What analysis does it enable?

Ember Metrics enables you to proactively find correlation between different indicators to determine if quality improvement initiatives have had unanticipated effects elsewhere.

For example, you can monitor aggregate patient activity to ensure that efforts to reduce inpatient length of stay do not result in higher readmission rates.

Versatile data integration

Many vendor systems assume that centralized data stores (i.e. data warehouses) are readily available to fully populate organizational scorecards. These tools lack the ability to adequately maintain manual data where no such data sources exist. Ember Metrics provides a rich interface for maintaining manual indicators when organizational data sources cannot be used to populate the measures. This eliminates tightly coupled database dependencies and greatly reduces implementation time, costs, and risk.