The leading coding assistance and data quality platform

Using 3terra AI along with Microsoft's world-class Cognitive Services engine, our platform optimizes the medical coding process for Canadian hospitals and ensures that your hospital funding accurately reflects the care that you provide.

Established Expertise

This year, over 45% of all inpatient medical abstract records in Ontario will be processed by our coding assistance and data quality platform.

Since 2008, 3terra has been a trusted data analytics partner for over 60 hospitals. Our team has unparalleled subject matter expertise and commitment to help advance the Canadian healthcare system through the effective use of data.

Data Quality Assist

Data Quality Assist (DQA) CDI is a software platform that streamlines your medical coding processes and immediately identifies the data quality problems that directly affect hospital funding.

Through the use of a world class clinical AI engine and a growing library of rules developed by medical coding experts, DQA performs automated data quality audits that highlights and prioritizes the largest areas of concern.

3terra DataHub

DataHub is an integrated data repository of structured hospital data and semi-structured clinical metadata. It provides medical coders, analysts, and researchers a comprehensive view of patient encounter data in a digestible format.

Underneath the UI is a powerful query engine that utilizes the metadata generated from clinical notes, enabling a level of clinical analysis that would have been unimaginable a short time ago.

Our Platforms

Our coding assistance and clinical analysis platforms

We focus on providing as much value as possible for the least amount of risk

There is no upfront AI training required. You realize immediate value without any risk.
Medical coders are a valuable resource. We focus their attention on the most valuable insight.
Canadian methodologies such as HIG, CMG, QBPs, HSMR are deeply embedded in the platform.
Hospitals can easily add new rules, integrate new data, and use a library of flexible analytical reports.
Our platform has been built through the input and collaborative effort of over 50 hospitals.
3terra provides superior client support through a mature customer success process.

Our Clients

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Where to Begin

Avoid the typical implementation risks of a coding assistance system

We know that implementing any new hospital system is full of uncertainty. We offer a progressive approach to allow you to evaluate our platforms without any risk:

Try Before You Buy

Quickly assess the platform at no cost. We demonstrate exactly how it will impact your hospital using your own data.

Use Immediately

Implementation takes one week and you’ll have immediate access to our AI along with an extensive library of rules and integration feeds.


We do not lock you into long-term commitments. Our platform is provided as a subscription that you can cancel if it doesn’t work out.

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